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Page history last edited by Profra. Mariana Hernández 11 years, 4 months ago

Playground Playground

Participants' Playground




Welcome to the Playground!


On this page, you will have the opportunity to practice your wiki skills. Give it a try before you create your own wiki :-)


Try .....

    • creating a link to another page of the wiki
    • creating a link to an external page
    • posting an image
      •  use the URL of an image or
      • upload an image (remember to use small pictures - less than 100 kb)
  • Changing font colors
  • Adding a table
  • Embedding a recording or video
  • Playing with world clocks




What time is it in your country?


To insert the clock with your local time, follow the instructions here


Name Country Local time
Maria Bossa Argentina
Dafne Gonzalez
José Antônio da Silva
Larisa Olesova USA
Sharon Betts
Ayat Tawel
Mbarek Akaddar
Marijana Smolcec Croatia
Svetlana Obenausova Czech Republic
Helen Davies France

Teresa Almeida d'Eça/


Fernanda Rodrigues


Crystal Rose  USA   
Carol Wild  UK   
Teresita Mazzei  Venezuela 
Miriam Sheen Cuba

Fabiana Laura Casella  Argentina   
Kerry Shepherd  Vancouver, Canada   
Amany Abd Elhameed Egypt




 Dorina Marin

Irina Kuznetsova  Russia   
Tatiana Kharlamova  Saratov, Russia   
Cholpon Musaeva  Hyderabad/Bangalore, India   
Gildeta Serafim  Brazil 
Mitja Lesjak

 fabrizio bartoli
Marija Huzjak-Saban
Anzhelika Vladyko Russia
Vladimir Mitic Aleksinac, Serbia
Fiona MacMartin Korea
Maria Rita Pepe Italy

Mariana Hernández                                   Mexico                                                                          






Cholpon Musaeva (Jan 30th).


I would like to insert a tutorial on 'Glogster' from Youtube. Glogster was introduced to us in BaW 12 and I loved it. Here is the link: 



Cholpon Musaeva (Jan 30th).


Last year was special for me, and I would like to share a collage of a few of my wedding photos.



fabrizio bartoli: that's Me and my jewels ... a couple of links  about wikies (need to update it, sorry no time these days...) and my "old" blogger's blog (started and left as you can notice). wikispace and website. . Gonna start a new wiki and blog asap for this baw13 course. 1/2/2013 Here it is (not much inside but there WILL be something within the next few hours...!). 


Short youtube videoclips of a couple of years ago. still useful, I think, as warmups or fillers  

[p.s.: image resized.., sorry about that)

LIve sessions


An interesting video on education posted by Kerry




I have tried to:

create a link to another page of the wiki

create a link to an external page

post an image



change the colours 

add a table

my email
my skype
my blog






embed a video



Play with world clocks (couldn't insert the clock that I liked)  so here I only tried :)) 


Greetings from an English teacher!!! 

 photo 295352_10200350633306124_1170720451_n_zps481da646.jpg


I come from Serbia



englishosaca@yahoo.com, and vmitich@yahoo.co.uk
Yahoo ID
website (still developing) http://englishosaca.weebly.com



My first cartoon (created for EVO course Digital Storytelling)

vmicitch digital storytelling by vmitich on GoAnimateAnimation Software - Powered by GoAnimate.




a link to an EclipseCrossword exercise



Comments (5)

Gil said

at 8:09 pm on Jan 30, 2013

I couldn´t insert the clock on the page sorry. I don´t know what to do.

Lucy Yordanova said

at 9:55 pm on Jan 31, 2013

Me either, but I really like the video "Hole in the wall" posted by Kerry.

lesjakm91 said

at 9:11 am on Feb 1, 2013

Hey, Gil, I inserted your clock for you... Just go into edit mode-> click on insert (top right)-> HTML-> then paste your clock html source inthe box. Now you can try again for yourself :)

Vladimir Mitic said

at 1:53 pm on Feb 2, 2013

Where are we supposed to make slideshow which are to be inserted into the playground?

Vladimir Mitic said

at 1:57 pm on Feb 2, 2013

You'll find some tools for slideshows here: http://cooltoolsforschools.wikispaces.com/Slideshow+Tools

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