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Page history last edited by Sneza Filipovic 11 years, 3 months ago

Final Reflections




Remember what your profile was 5 weeks ago? Remember what your goals were?


Well, the time has come to reflect on this 5-week workshop, so the Baw 2013 team invites you to leave your thoughts, suggestions and comments about this collaborative journey. It's always nice to know what our participants think and your reflections will also help us improve Baw 2014. Thank you! :-) Tell us please:


  • What you liked and didn't like
  • What you learned
  • What you would have liked to learn
  • What your next steps will be
  • If your goals were met
  • Any other comment you would like to share with us
Flávia Uhlmann (SP,Brazil) 

1) What I liked was the commitment of all BAW team to make us understand the tools, produce and the constant support. What I didn't like was the lack of time for a forum dicussion, when we could exchange more info with the international participants on how, when to best apply the tools in class.

2) I really learned a lot about audio and speaking tools. I saved all the names and links and will have all the year long to test them (at least I hope).

3) It's difficult to answer this question, as I could see BAW2013 (I don't know about the other years) content covered lots of useful tools to teaching. Of course that educational platforms (Moodle, etc) are always a challenge to better understand their applicability. I also know there was an EVO session on Moodle this year, maybe I'll sign up next year.

4) Well, I intend to apply along the year some of the tools learned here and keep a record of the activities done. I'll appreciate to have a collaborative project (despite having private students) with someone interested. I really liked to know about Ayat/Claudia/Maria's projects.

5) Of course, the goals were completely met.

6) I'm really happy to get to know this really nice team of professionals and would like to keep in touch with you all on a regular basis, as I am on my own as a private teacher and need to share and exchange ideas with professionals like you. Tks a lot for the wonderful time together!

Chris Jones


  1. I liked the usual enthusiasm I have grown to expect form EVO sessions and the way this session is so well organized.

  2. I learned to use Screenr.com, Vocaroo, Speakpipe, Voxopop, and eyejot.com. I put a clock on my wiki. I relearned how to use Twitter, but I just don't have the interest to keep up with it.

  3. I wish I had taken time to try out another video production program, but this is my own fault.

  4. My next steps are just keeping an eye on what new ideas turn up in Webheads Yahoo group emails.

  5. I really appreciate the chance to update myself in some of the programs that have come into use in the past few years. Even though I'm retired and don't use these programs with students, it's interesting to know the possibilities.

Nora Brussolo (Argentina)  

1.   I liked it all: the commitment, the helpful advice, the feeling of community, the friendly attitude, the people ... 

2. I learnt about lots of tools, and I also learnt to use some of them but I will continue exploring the rest throughout the year. I learnt that sharing is very important to become better teachers. I learnt that there are lots of beautiful people out there willing to help. Thanks.

3. I can't think of anything in answer to this question. Maybe next year (as I am planning to be part of BAW 2014) when I am more into these spaces I will be able to be more selective. 

4. Now I plan to start using the voice and audio tools to give students the opportunity to practice and assess their speaking skills, something quite difficult to do in big classes. 

5. Absolutely! My goals were met and I would say you've gone beyond them!

6. This year, being the first one in the group, I found it hard to keep up with all the activities and live sessions but I'd love to go on working and, may be next year, be able to share some interesting ideas. I would also liked to keep in touch with all of you.

Thanks again.


Marija Huzjak-Saban 

(Velika Gorica, Croatia)

1. Well I liked everything. The atmosphere of curiosity, togetherness..the presenters, the mods, the bawmates. 

2. I've learned a lot. All these wonderful tools that can help me to be a better teacher and to help my students to gain self-confidence. Five weeks ago I knew nothing about a wiki and now I'm creating one. I've learned how to make a vocaroo, eyejot, voki and other great tools, I've learned a lot, but that's only the beginning. You've opened to me a door to a whole new world. Let's keep it open and explore! I am looking forward to interesting new discoveries. Thank you for being here when we needed your help, dear mods!

3. For the moment there is a sort of confusion in my head. There are so many things to digest, to explore and then I'l see what best suits my needs.

4. As I've already said, my aim is to watch, explore and then I'll know what to use and when...

5. Is this course what I wanted it to be? Yes, it is much bigger then I expected. It's too big a bite to swallow in a five weeks time.

6. At the end I could just send a big, big THANK YOU to all of you.... I'll never forget this time spent together. and let's stay in touch...

Maria Luisa (Mumi) from Lima, Peru

I liked your dedication and effort to make this course so useful.

I liked the fact that everybody worked collaboratively and supported each other.

I was relaxed this time and even if I could not attend the live sessions, I could listen to them and this second time I got more and more ideas on how to use the tools in a better way.

I feel more confident now since I have been using some of the tools i learned last year and I know I can learn at my own pace.

What I don´t like is the fact that this course takes place at a time when I am busier than ever... but that is not your fault and as usual 5 weeks seem not enough but I understand the idea, we will be back for more. I don´t like t he fact that I cannot interact with other mates... but that is not your fault but mine since I hardly ever participated in the live sessions or chats due to all the training I had to give this month.

I am looking forward to next year´s BAW meeting and congratulate you all on your first decade. Kudos for you all!!!!!

Sneza Filipovic


I like BaW very much. `There`s no place like BaW` is a post in my blog  http://www.digitalsealogbook.blogspot.com/ where I tried to explain how I see it. I think I have answered most of the questions there. I was thinking about what more I could learn and an idea came into my mind while I was answering questions in EVO sessions survey. I would like to attend a session BaW-higher level. Really! Teresa,, coordinators and mods are fantastic, their approach  is perfect. I am sure they  have a lot more to show us that can`t be put into 5 weeks. And that is exactly what I would like to learn more. I will definitely return to BaW next year, and another, and another..... Thank you once again for everything you`ve done!




Comments (2)

Gil said

at 9:51 pm on Feb 15, 2013

1- I liked everything. The live sessions were fantastic. The interaction. The instant help of all moderators and bawers, everything.
2- I learned how to use many tools although I couldn´t create and share many activities with you.
3- I was looking forward to learning about using technology in and beyond the classroom and I think my goals were totally met.
4- My next steps will be to learn how to use the tools more confidently and devise more activities with them as well as get the students preparing them too.
5- Although I hadn´t prepared many activities to share I´ve participate in the live session and listened the recording of the ones I couldn´t be present. All in all I learned a lot and I thank you very much for this opportunity.
5- Sure, totally

Gil said

at 9:53 pm on Feb 15, 2013

sorry I answered in the wrong place.

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